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McLean Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Date: July 9 – 14, 2017
Registrations Due: June 23, 2017

Sponsor Department: McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement
Camp Type:
One-Week Residential or Commuter, non-credit
Seats Available: 30 max
Rising 10th- and 11th-grade
$400 Residential / $350 Commuter

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About the Program

The purpose of the McLean Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is to foster dialogue about how Mississippi can utilize resources through the University of Mississippi to address some of the state’s most pressing needs. Outcomes of the program are designed to help stimulate business in local communities, improve educational systems, and strengthen the conversation between the university and community members.
Please note: The McLean Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is for Mississippi residents only.

Summer Program

The goal of the program will be to introduce an initial cohort of students from around the state to the entrepreneurial spirit of community development. To do this, the group of students will interact with community leaders throughout Oxford and Lafayette County, while also being exposed to readings and lectures from professors, community leaders, and students. The goal in this first year is to stimulate an entrepreneurial interest that can be utilized to solve community and state problems through community engagement.


The summer institute will focus on four main areas with central focus being Entrepreneurial Project:

1. Entrepreneurship

Small businesses constitute 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms and produce 64 percent of new private sector jobs. Mississippi lags behind comparative states in job creation, and the economy is hampered by a host of issues. Using the experience of business leaders in the community and the expertise of the University’s faculty, groups of students will study, discuss, and plan feasible and socially beneficial businesses.

2. Environmental Sustainability

As the future stewards of the state’s and planet’s resources, the next generation must understand the consequences of the choices that consumers make every day. By meeting with local nonprofits who are attempting to reduce waste, reading and interacting with literature on the subject, and discussing potential solutions, students will not only better understand their environmental impacts, but they will also be better prepared to address those issues. Students will also have the opportunity to learn from and interact with local farms that are pioneering sustainable farming methods.

3. Health and Wellness

More than a third of Mississippi’s residents are medically obese, ranking the state amongst the country’s worst; therefore, it is imperative that the next generations of state leaders understand the ramifications of the issue. Likewise, they must be exposed to entities, like Good Food for Oxford Schools, which are attempting to educate and assist students in making healthy food decisions.

4. Data & Demographics

We now live in a world rich in data. From Census Tract data to American Community Survey information, today’s decision-makers have unprecedented access to a treasure trove of information. However, many students are leaving high school with little knowledge of how to access and utilize this data. By exposing students to the resources available to them, and then structuring a project that encourages them to use this new information, this summer program will help prepare students to make informed decisions.

As of now, the tentative weekly plan for the event will focus on classroom discussion, reading, and lecture regarding each respective topic coupled with field visits to members of the Oxford-Lafayette County community. By exposing students to ideas, and then demonstrating how innovators are creating solutions in the field, the goal is to allow students to see problem-solving in action.

Main Focus: Entrepreneurial Project

With entrepreneurship as the central focus of the week, students will be required to complete a week-long project with the goal of having students generate a simple, yet feasible, business plan. This project will be completed in conjunction with faculty and community members with the intention of allowing students to actively practice the skills that they acquired throughout the week.



The cost for residential students is $400. It covers program fee, materials, housing, and meal plan.
The cost for commuter students is $350. It covers program fee, materials, and lunch.

Download Scholarship Application


Limited funds are available to assist students who cannot meet the cost of the program. Aid is based on financial need and is only awarded to residential students. If you think you may be eligible for aid, have your parent or guardian complete the Pre-College Programs Financial Aid application


Residential students accepted into the program will be housed with Summer College for High School students in the Residential College South. Adult staff, as well as selected student counselors who serve as mentors to the participants, will supervise them.

Download Housing Guidelines


Commuters must be dropped off at the designated spot each morning by 8:00 a.m. and picked up at the designated spot by 4:45 p.m. each afternoon. *Commuters will eat lunch on campus each day, and lunch is included in the total cost.

*Subject to change depending on program activities.

Medical Care

Due to their age, McLean Entrepreneurial Leadership Program students are not allowed access to the Student Health Center on campus. Students requiring non-emergency medical care between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. will be transported to an urgent care facility with parent’s approval. There is not an after hours medical clinic in Oxford, so students requiring medical care after 7 p.m. and before 9 a.m. are transported to the emergency room at Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi with parent’s approval.

Application and Registration Process

Registration for the McLean Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is a two-part process – the online registration form and additional documents submission. Both parts must be submitted to the Office of Pre-College Programs before a student is confirmed for enrollment in the program. The cost of the program is $500 for residential students and $350 for commuter students.

Students must be registered by June 23, 2017, and must include full fee payment and Medical Form to complete the registration process.

Download General Rules

Online Registration Step-By-Step

Medical Form
We value the safety and well-being of all our participating students. In case emergency medical attention is required, ALL Pre-College Program camps require parents to submit medical forms on behalf of the student. Please DO NOT forget to return this form to the Pre-College Programs office as this will hold up the registration process for your student. If you have already submitted the medical form to the Office of Pre-College Programs for a camp this summer, you will not have to submit it again.

Please do not email medical forms to our office. We request that you mail, fax, or bring the forms to our office. Thanks!

Cancellation Policy
Registrations may be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the selected week for an 80% refund. Refunds are not available if cancellation occurs less than two weeks prior to the selected week.

For more information, contact:

For additional information, please contact:

Mailing address:
Outreach and Continuing Education
Office of Pre-College Programs
The University of Mississippi
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Phone: 662-915-7621
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