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"Get Here First" Checklist

The following guide is the steps that students need to take before attending JumpStart. The steps are NOT an exhaustive list of everything you need to do for preparation for Ole Miss, but it’s pretty close!

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Before Applying

1. Apply to Ole Miss
Go to Select “Undergraduate Admission”. Follow the prompts and pay the application fee.

2. Take the ACT/SAT (again and doesn’t hurt to have a higher score)
This score determines not only your acceptance to Ole Miss, but it also affects potential scholarships and whether or not you meet the pre-requisites for some college courses.

3. Get Accepted!
Once you receive your letter in the mail, you are on your way to getting here first! Don’t forget to read through ALL of the materials Ole Miss sent you! You may miss something important, like setting up your myOleMiss account and webmail.

Applying to Jumpstart

4. Apply for JumpStart and GET HERE FIRST!
Go to Registration for JumpStart is quick and painless. Also, be prepared with your Visa or MasterCard to pay the non-refundable registration fee of $300 per session. This is a great deal for all of the programming that we offer during the summer.

5. Register for Ole Miss Freshman Orientation - Opens in early March. Be at your computer
Go to ALL JumpStart students must attend an Ole Miss Freshman Orientation session BEFORE attending JumpStart this summer. Ole Miss Orientation offers nine (9) orientation sessions that are perfect fits for our JumpStart students. If you want to be in First Summer JumpStart, be at your computer at 8:30 a.m. ready to sign up when the application goes live for Orientation. Spots go fast!

6. Submit Financial Aid forms and applications
Go to Incoming freshmen have the potential to be awarded one of many scholarships offered at the University of Mississippi. Most of the time incoming freshmen who eventually start looking for scholarships have missed priority and final deadlines. Typically, priority deadlines are January 15th for special programs and February 1st for other scholarship programs. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid’s website for more details.

JumpStart students must fill out a “Summer Financial Aid” form to receive the JumpStart scholarship. Summer Aid application typically go live in mid-April.

7. File your FAFSA for the upcoming academic year
Go to Students may be eligible for federal grants and loans. Most scholarship applications require that a FAFSA be filed with the Office of Financial Aid.

Students and Parents - A FAFSA needs to be submitted as soon as possible since many scholarship programs at Ole Miss as well as external ones require one to be on file before your scholarship application can be reviewed.

8. Complete your Student Housing application... for Fall AND SUMMER
Go to The earlier you put in this application, the better chance you have of getting into the residence hall you want for the Fall/Spring semesters. Don’t forget to pay the $75 deposit or the application won’t go through completely.

JumpStart students must submit a SEPARATE Summer student housing application on for Summer 2015 and pay a $15 deposit for EACH summer session. This WILL hold up your status with JumpStart.

9. Submit your Health and Immunization Records
Go to for more details. ALL freshmen must submit these forms before they can attend Orientation and sign up for classes.

After Applying to Jumpstart

10. Get your Ole Miss ID
Go to A student’s Ole Miss ID card is their all-access pass to everything Ole Miss. The Ole Miss ID card is a student’s room key, meal card, debit card, and ticket to Ole Miss sporting events.

11. Attend Ole Miss Freshman Orientation
The most important step for the summer to get here first is Orientation! ALL incoming freshmen are required to attend an Ole Miss Freshman Orientation session to register for classes...and to attend JumpStart.

  • Meet your Advisor - At Freshman Orientation, students will meet with their Academic Advisor for their degree program. During this meeting, students will set up a preliminary course schedule for the summer and fall terms. Please understand that this schedule is not a student’s official course schedule.
  • Register for Classes - Once a student meets with an advisor, students will receive instruction at Orientation on how to sign up for classes via myOleMiss. Make sure to register for your Summer classes.
    Students in special programs (i.e. FASTrack, Intensive Language Programs, etc.) have certain requirements that may need to be considered before registering for classes. Please refer to that program’s website for more details.

12. Move-In for the Summer
JumpStart students will move into the summer residence hall - Burns Hall or North Ridge Hall. This is NOT a student’s Fall semester housing arrangement. Since students are typically moving in for only a month, only basic necessities need to be brought for the summer. We do not recommend completely decorating your rooms for the summer only to take it down at the end of the session.

13. Attend the OLE MISS JUMPSTART KICKOFF...and Be Here FIRST!
Now it’s time for the Ole Miss KICKOFF. JumpStart students are REQUIRED to go through a boot camp of all things Ole Miss and learn more about the JumpStart program works during the summer.

Conduct Policies and Rules

The following information is to advise you of arrangements that have been made for you and to assist you in making plans to attend the JumpStart Program for Incoming Freshmen.

Move-In for all participants will begin at a designated time as determined and communicated by the Department of Student Housing and Residence Life. Students may check-in at any time during this window, and then move into their assigned room. STUDENTS MUST CHECK-IN TO GET THEIR ROOM ACCESS ON THEIR OLE MISS ID!

Following move-in, there will be a program orientation for students. Attendance for this orientation is required for students and will begin at 5 p.m. at a pre-determined location according to the session schedule. Parents are NOT required to attend, but are certainly welcomed.

Residence Halls
Students will be housed in Burns, Pittman, Martin, or Stockard Halls. During check-in, students will be granted access to their Ole Miss ID to use it as a key to their room and building. Students will be asked to follow all rules and instructions laid out by the Office of Student Housing. Particularly, we would ask that you pay attention to the rules prohibiting certain items in the rooms. We would also ask that students understand that all housing regulations are there for your safety and protection—not to hamper your college experience. These rules were not made at random and are in place so that we can all assure you have the best experience possible. We take our responsibility for your safety very seriously, so any violations of these policies will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Please note that there will be charges assessed to your Bursar account by the Office of Student Housing for each time they have to unlock the door to your room (up to $15).

Study Hall
JumpStart students will be required to complete 5 hours of study hall each week. The study hall will be monitored by JumpStart Counselors. Our JumpStart Counselors will also serve as tutors if a student needs assistance.

Meal Plan
A meal plan is required for students attending JumpStart. The meal plan we have selected is the basic summer plan which includes 30 meals and $110 in Ole Miss Express cash for First and Second Summer and a reduced plan for AugustPLUS. Ole Miss Express can be used campus wide (i.e. bookstore and food locations) AND off-campus locations at Papa Johns Pizza. Unused Express cash will roll over to the Fall Semester. We suggest that some spending money for additional weekday and weekend meals be brought (in the form of cash or credit). We also suggest students and parents consider adding additional money to the Ole Miss Express account. There are ATMs available on campus for student use. If students have trouble with their Student IDs, contact the ID Center located in 102 Paul B. Johnson Commons, 662-915-7423 or email

Ole Miss ID
Every Ole Miss student receives a student ID card (have your ID made at Freshmen Orientation). Student ID cards open the electronic locks in the lobbies of their dorm. Without a Student ID, a JumpStart student cannot get into the residence hall and room. The ID card also serves as a debit card for both your Ole Miss FLEX and Express and meal plan accounts.

Parking Decals
Students bringing vehicles this summer will need to register their vehicles with the Office of Parking Services and Transportation and purchase a temporary University parking decal for $30. If you have already purchased your Fall/Spring decal, this is mailed to you from the Office of Parking Services.

Leaving Campus and Weekends
Students who participate in JumpStart are fully admitted college students and have the ability to leave campus. We ask that students participate in all activities, but outside of these activities, travel is permissible. There will be at least one full group activity planned for one Saturday during the program. We ask that students let their JumpStart Counselor, head counselor, or the JumpStart Director know if they plan to go out-of-town. This is so we know where you are in case of emergencies. If students do not intend to bring a car to campus, but need to leave campus for any reason, he/she should contact their counselor and arrangements will be made. Students can use the O.U.T bus transit system to get around Oxford.

In the event of an emergency, parents should call the JumpStart Office at 662.915.7621. If an emergency occurs on campus, students must contact emergency personnel (UPD, Ambulance, etc.) and notify a counselor, the coordinator, or the Director immediately. Contact lists for the staff and other emergency procedures and numbers will be given at check-in.

All admitted students are provided with an email address, which also serves as their WebID username for the web portal. You must set up this account prior to registering for Orientation. Instructions are available on the web and through the IT Helpdesk at Ole Miss. If you have problems, you can contact

General Conduct Disclaimer
JumpStart participants are full students at The University of Mississippi. The Pre-College Programs Office takes very seriously our role to provide a safe, educational, challenging, and socially fun atmosphere for the participants. However, if a student violates any of the posted rules, requirements, or expectations of either the JumpStart Program or The University of Mississippi’s M-Book policy, that student will be subject to dismissal from the program and disciplinary forms will be filed with the Dean of Students’ Office. If disciplinary action is taken, a form will be filed and attached to any intake applications and Student Disciplinary Files. Judicial files follow students throughout the college career and, in some cases, prevent admission into graduate, law, and medical programs.

Please understand that we take any violations of policy very seriously and if parents or students have any questions, they should contact the Director. The University of Mississippi’s policy and procedures manual for students can be found online at This is the manual (Section IV) that details all university policy for student life on campus. JumpStart participants will be held accountable for policies as stated in both the M-Book and the JumpStart Guidelines.


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