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Frequently Asked Questions

The information listed below is for the general population of JumpStart. Some requirements may not apply to those in partnership programs like the Intensive Modern Language Programs or Grove Scholars.


Is JumpStart KickOff and Ole Miss Freshmen Orientation the same?

NO. JumpStart KickOff is a program orientation session to JumpStart that students are REQUIRED to attend on the same day they move-in for the summer session. Ole Miss Freshmen Orientation is an orientation to the entire University and is REQUIRED for ALL freshmen, including JumpStart students. Students cannot go through JumpStart without attending Freshmen Orientation first. Students must register for the Ole Miss Freshmen Orientation on when it becomes available in early March.

Do I have to attend Ole Miss Freshmen Orientation?

YES. ALL students are REQUIRED to attend an orientation session to be admitted to the University of Mississippi. This is a critical part of the Ole Miss experience. This is the time for students to take care of any final business to get ready for the fall and more importantly SIGN UP for Fall and SUMMER classes!

Do I have to take EDHE 105: Ole Miss First Year Experience Course?

Yes for First and Second Summer Students. Students in First Summer will automatically be enrolled into EDHE 105. Second Summer students can enroll themselves into EDHE 105.

No for AugustPLUS. EDHE 105 is not offered during August Intersession, thus students are unable to take it at that time.

I signed up for JumpStart and have been accepted, but I have decided not to attend and have not notified JumpStart. Am I responsible for charges in my Bursar bill for summer?

Absolutely YES! Students are responsible for any and all summer charges on their Bursar account. If the JumpStart office does not know you are planning on not attending even though accepted, the office does not know to take you off the rosters.

I am attending JumpStart but I don't know what is going on because I did not attend KickOff. What do I do?

First, you need come by the JumpStart office in Yerby Room 2 immediately and speak with the JumpStart Director. If not, you risk being moved out of the residence hall and dropped from your summer schedule.

I am in one of the partnership programs listed on the website, what applies to me and what does not?

It all applies to every student. The only difference is that the partnership programs with conflicting scheduled events take precedence over JumpStart's scheduled events. So if Grove Scholars has a special presenter during a scheduled SkillStart session, then the student would attend the Grove Scholars event.

I need to take this certain course before the Fall. Can you enroll me or reserve a seat for me in the course?

Sorry, the JumpStart office is unable to take these requests. Our office can help a student get signed up for a class AFTER the student has been to Orientation, not before. This office does not have the ability to reserve seats in a course.


If I register for JumpStart, does that mean I have Summer Housing reserved?

No, the online JumpStart Application ensures your spot in the program. You must also complete the Summer Student Housing application on, sign the housing contract, and pay the $15 room deposit.

Can I room with my friend who is also in JumpStart?

Maybe. The JumpStart Office does not handle any housing requests. Please contact the Department of Student Housing and Residence Life at

Can I look at profiles of students to choose my roommate?

Due to FERPA regulations, the JumpStart office cannot release any information regarding students in the program or at the University of Mississippi.

I registered for the Orientation Session right before JumpStart begins. Can I move into the JumpStart residence hall before the move-in date?

Good question. The JumpStart Office does not handle any housing requests. Please contact the Department of Student Housing and Residence Life at

What will I need to bring to the residence hall?

We encourage JumpStart students to pack light for the summer. Students cannot move in to their assigned room for the fall before those residence halls open. Thus, all JumpStart students will have to move out of the residence hall at the end of their JumpStart term. Students will NOT be able to store furniture or other belongings on campus until the fall.

Can I store my belongings in my room before summer is over?

No. The residence halls have students all summer long. It is not possible for students to leave their belongings on campus. There are off campus storage facilities available to rent. Please visit the Google Search for storage facilities in Oxford, MS:

Is there a curfew in the residence halls?

No, but there are quiet hours. Students have the freedom to come and leave as they please since they are adults. We ask that JumpStart students respect our office and the Department of Student Housing by being in the residence hall by 12:00 a.m. midnight. There is nothing going on in Oxford after midnight for freshmen anyway.


What is the cost of the JumpStart program?

There is a $300 application/program fee when you submit the online JumpStart application. Please visit our Costs and Financial Aid page for a full breakdown of costs for the program.

Why is the application fee $300?

This fee is not just an application fee but also a programming fee for JumpStart. This fee funds the processing of the student's application and summer programming for the students. Our office operates entirely off these fees to provide quality counselors and a better programming experience.

Do I need to submit the previous year's FAFSA?

No. Unless you are expecting federal aid during the summer, you do not need to fill out the previous year's FAFSA. Eligible students may receive the Pell Grant for the summer.

Why do I need to submit the Summer Financial Aid form?

This form notifies the Office of Financial Aid that you are expecting to receive Financial Aid from the JumpStart Office via the Division of Outreach. This form can be found on

Who receives the JumpStart scholarship?

ALL JumpStart students receive the scholarship. It is one of the perks of being in the JumpStart program.

When will I receive my JumpStart Scholarship?

A very important question. Students will not receive the JumpStart scholarship until after they have attended the JumpStart KickOff. Once we have confirmed the student has attended the KickOff session, we then give that list to our scholarship coordinator who verifies that students are enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours (5 hours if in Modern Languages) and then uploads the scholarship to the student's financial aid package. This process typically takes up to one week to complete due to the number of students in the program. You may receive a Bursar Bill before then asking for you to pay your bill. The amount of the scholarship is listed on the Costs and Financial Aid page of our website. You can go ahead and either pay for all but the scholarship amount or pay the entire bill, let the scholarship reach the student's account, and receive a refund via check or direct deposit from the Bursar's office.

Do I need to sign up for a meal plan for summer?

No. Students are automatically enrolled in the JumpStart meal plan.

I am here for 2-3 sessions of JumpStart, but my scholarship is only for the first session's classes. Where are my other JumpStart scholarships?

The JumpStart office applies scholarships per session, meaning that the student will need to accept a scholarship for each term that he or she is in JumpStart.


What if my program is not listed?

Your program may not be listed because we are not aware of the program or the program does not have any special requirement regarding EDHE 105 or summer programming.

What if I am required to take EDHE 105 in the Fall semester?

No worries. If you are required to take EDHE 105 in the Fall, please have the program coordinator/director e-mail Matthew DeLoach at with details of the requirement. In these cases, the EDHE 105 requirement will be waived and students will sign up for an additional 3-hour course in its place.

Can I be a part of JumpStart if I am a part of another summer program that has conflicting requirements?

Maybe. The JumpStart Office works with numerous programs at the University of Mississippi. If the other program has special requirements and programming that conflict with that of JumpStart's, we want to know about it because we want all students to have the opportunity to be a part of JumpStart. Please have the program coordinator/director email Matthew DeLoach at with details of the program and its requirements. We can usually work something out with the other program to enhance the student's experience.



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