Japanese Supplementary School

North Mississippi Japanese Supplementary School at The University of Mississippi

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Our mission

North Mississippi Japanese Supplementary School at the University of Mississippi (NMJSS) was established under the support of The University of Mississippi and Japanese companies located in north Mississippi area in April, 2008. The main purpose of this school is to help Japanese families and students settle in this area and to maintain their educations and culture. Our students can have opportunities to study together with other Japanese peers.

Japanese Supplementary School

The classes are held once a week on Saturdays on campus. We offer elementary and middle school (1st to 9th grade level). We also hold some Japanese style school events, such as a Sports Day and New Year’s Calligraphy.

Oxford, located in Northern Mississippi is a beautiful and safe academic town. We hope for our students to maintain their identity as Japanese, Japanese language and culture even while they are enjoying their lives here in the United States.

Program Overview

We teach Japanese and Mathematics as main subjects and Social Studies, using the same textbooks used at schools in Japan, following curriculum guideline issued by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Our students study at local schools on weekdays, and in addition to that, they study at NMJSS on Saturdays. NMJSS starts at 9:00 and ends at 14:55 including 6 class hours a day.

Library with Japanese Books

We have more than 400 Japanese books of various genres, including history, novels, classics, old folk tales, and biography in our school library. Our students are to borrow two books every week, three for long vacations. They enjoy reading in Japanese which help them to reinforce their reading skills in Japanese. We try to add books from time to time to meet our students’ interests.

Lunch Time & Recess

Our lunch time is from 11:35 to 12:20. The students bring lunch boxes, called ‘Obento’ from home and they all get together in the cafeteria for lunch. After lunch, they go either to gym or outside to play together. The recess is what our students are excited about the most in a day!

Calendar and Events

The school year starts in April and ends in March based on Japanese school system. We hold special events such as a Sports Day, New Year’s calligraphy and so on.

Parents’ support

The parents play a very important role for NMJSS. They do not just bring their children to school, but they also take turns and take care of our students with library procedure, safety, lunch time, and special events.

Application Procedure

NMJSS exists to enable the school-age children of Japanese employees of Japanese companies in the area to keep up with their peers in Japan and to help these children integrate smoothly into Japanese school life when they return to Japan. Any local child who would like to study at NMJSS may also be accepted if he/she has adequate Japanese language skills for participation in classroom activities. Those who are interested are welcome to observe our classes by appointments. We will have interviews with the children prior to the enrollments.


Naomi Yamakawa
Associate Principal of Japanese Supplementary School
Coordinator of Japanese Outreach Programs

University of Mississippi
Trent Lott Institute 319
P.O. Box 1616
University, MS 38677
Phone: (662) 915-5839
Fax: (662) 915-5138
E-mail: nyamakaw@olemiss.edu

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