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Frequently Asked Questions about Testing

What is a proctored exam?

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.

How do I know if I need a proctored exam?

Every iStudy course has at least two proctored exams. Most courses have a proctored mid-course exam and final exam. Some consist of multiple course exams and a final exam.

What must I do to take a proctored exam?
  1. Find an appropriate proctor.
    • The Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL) in Oxford provides approved proctors. Appointments are made using their online scheduling system.
    • Students near Tupelo, Southaven, Grenada, or Booneville can utilize our regional campus testing centers, whose proctors are approved. Call the campus to schedule an appointment and then include the information on the exam application.
    • Students not testing at DETL or the regional campuses need to determine the proctor before sending in the exam application. To obtain a testing site, locate the nearest community college, college, or university and contact its testing center.
    • Students can also use ProctorU ( which is an online proctoring service.
    • Final possibilities are a public library (contact head librarian) or private testing center (i.e. Sylvan Learning Centers). Refer to the iStudy Proctors webpage for approved proctor lists and other proctor suggestions. Contact the proctor prior to submitting the exam application. It is preferable to schedule the exam at this time, but not required.
  2. Schedule your exam date and time with the proctor. Allow at least five (5) working days for your request to be processed and your testing information to be sent to your proctor. 
  3. Submit your Exam Application Form.
  4. Comply with any payment schedule that may be required by your approved proctor or testing center.
    Note: Failure on the part of the student to assume these responsibilities will be a matter to resolve with the instructor and could result in a failing grade on the exam in question.
How do I reschedule my exam?

If you are testing with the Distance Education Testing Lab (located in Oxford, MS) you will need to follow the instructions for canceling or rescheduling your exam at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

If you are testing outside of Oxford, MS, you will need to contact your proctor regarding their rescheduling policies and procedures. When you have your appointment rescheduled you can notify the iStudy office by email to update your exam application form. 

What is the fee for a proctor's services?

Fees vary for the use of a testing facility and the proctor's time to receive, monitor, and return your exam. Please be sure to determine if there is a fee, what it is, and when it must be paid. Testing centers often require prepayment, and your receipt for payment may serve as your ticket to the proctored exam session. These practices vary among libraries, schools, colleges, universities, and private testing centers.

Who can be approved to serve as a proctor?

An acceptable proctor is someone with no conflict of interest in upholding The University of Mississippi's Academic Policy. Relatives, friends, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers are not acceptable proctors. Your proctor may be from one of the following categories:

  • A testing center for an institution of higher education
  • ProctorU, an approved online testing service
  • Administrators at an institution of higher education
  • Librarians at a public library or institutions of higher education
  • If in the military, the head of a base's Learning Center or an Education Officer
  • A private testing center
How do I schedule my exam(s)?
  • Contact your proctor when all requirements have been met to be eligible for your exam. Note: You will be responsible for paying any fees required by the proctoring site.
  • Schedule a day and a time to take the exam directly with the proctor. Submit your Exam Application Form .

Allow at least five (5) working days for your request to be processed and your exam materials to be sent. This assumes all eligibility requirements are met. Note: Failure on the part of the student to assume these responsibilities will be a matter to resolve with the instructor and could result in a failing grade on the exam in question.

  • More information can be found at the Scheduling Exams (LINK to 7.3) page.
What are the proctor's responsibilities?
  • Only the proctor may handle the actual exam and/or password prior to and following its completion.
  • No copies of the exam other than the copy used for test-taking are to be made at any time.
  • No person other than the proctor and the student may view the exam. (The student may have access to the exam only during the time period allowed by the instructor.)
  • The proctor must follow all instructions for administering the exam. These may include a time limit and specific allowable equipment such as a calculator and inclusion or exclusion of books, notes, etc.
  • The proctor must return testing to the iStudy office after the student completes the exam.
  • The student may provide a pre-addressed overnight mailer for the proctor to use to mail the exam back to the iStudy office. However, the student must not mail or email the test materials at any time.
How does the proctor receive exams and return them to the iStudy Department?
  • Testing materials will be emailed to the proctors once the exam application form has been processed and the student is eligible to sit for the exam.
  • The proctor will administer the exam to the student according to the instructions provided.
  • The proctor will then return the exam and any additional testing materials immediately after the student completes it.

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