HST 131 US History since 1877

HST 131 IS Sec 2, University of Mississippi
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3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

Wendy Smith, PhD.

Instructor name:
Wendy Smith, PhD.


Wendy Smith earned a MA degree in Classics in 2002 and a PhD in history in 2012. She earned both degrees from the University of Mississippi. She has taught undergraduate courses for the university for a number of years. Her research and teaching interests focus on 20th century US history with an emphasis on Labor, Women and the South as well as ancient and early modern history.

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Course Description

This 15-lesson Independent Study course is a chronological and thematic survey of the history of the United States since 1877. Students will be introduced to important political, cultural, and soical developments. Topics will include the development of US foreign policy and the changing role of the federal government at it relates to the national economy and soical and economic equality.

Textbook Information:

Textbook information will be provided upon enrollment in your iStudy course.

Course Objectives:

Objectives include (but are not limited to):

  1. relate the general narrative of United States history from 1877 to the present
  2. analyze primary sources to determine what these documents or images reveal about the time in which they were created
  3. identify important people and events
  4. communicate understanding of these events in written form

Course Outline:

This course consists of 15 instructional modules (or lessons) and 2 proctored exams.

You MUST take the syllabus quiz within 2 weeks of enrolling or you will be dropped from the course. NOTE: you must pass the Syllabus and Orientation Quiz for the course materials to appear on the Lessons page.


Reading Assignments

Due for Grades


Introduction and tutorials

3 tutorial exercises & reading quiz


Chapter 16: The Nation Industrializes

2 Critical Thinking exercises (CT) & chapter quiz


Chapter 17: Life in the Gilded Age

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 3 Primary Source activities (PS)


Chapter 18: Politics and Foreign Relations in a Rapidly Changing Nation

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 1 PS


Writing Assignment

Multiparagraph essay


Chapter 19: The Progressive Era

Chapter quiz & 2 CTs


Chapter 20: The United States in a World War

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 1 PS


Chapter 21: Prosperity Decade

Chapter quiz, 2 CTs & 2 PSs


Chapter 22: The Great Depression and the New Deal

Chapter quiz & 1 CT

Mid Course Exam

Lessons 1-8; Chapters 16-22

To be scheduled and completed before proceeding


If you are a semester student, you must reach the midpoint of your course by the date specified in your information.
If you are a Flex UM student, you CANNOT WITHDRAW from this course after the exam has been submitted.

All lesson assignments or exams needed to reach the midpoint of the course.
The exact date semester students are required to reach the midpoint is specified in your information.


Chapter 23: America's Rise to World Leadership

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 1 PS


Chapter 24: Truman and Cold War America

Chapter quiz, 2 CTs & 1 PS


Chapter 25: Quest for Consensus

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 1 PS


Writing Assignment

Multiparagraph essay


Chapter 26: Great Promises, Bitter Disappointments

Chapter quiz & 2 CTs


Chapter 27: America Under Stress

Chapter quiz,1 CT & 2 PSs


Chapter 28: New Economic and Political Alignments

Chapter quiz & 1 CT


Chapter 29: Entering a New Century

Chapter quiz, 1 CT & 1 PS

Final Exam

Lessons 9-15; Chapters 23-29

To be scheduled
and completed
to finalize credit


94-100 A
90-93 A-
87-89 B+
82-86 B
80-82 B-
77-79 C+
73-76 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
60-66 D
59 & below F


You must submit the lessons required to take the course exam(s). Lessons required but not submitted will receive a grade of zero. For the final exam, all coursework must be submitted and graded.