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University of Mississippi
Department of Legal Studies
203 Odom Hall A
3 credit hours

Instructor Information:

David McElreath

David McElreath

David H. McElreath's background includes Professor and former Chair, Department of Legal Studies, The University of Mississippi; Professor and former Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, Washburn University; Associate Professor, Southeast Missouri State University; Assistant Professor, the University of Southern Mississippi; Instructor, Itawamba (Miss) Community College; Colonel, United States Marine Corps; and Law Enforcement and Corrections positions with the Oxford (Mississippi) Police and Forrest County (Mississippi) Sheriff's Department.

His education and training include a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Criminal Justice, University of Southern Mississippi; M.S.S., United States Army War College; M.C.J., The University of Mississippi; B.P.A., The University of Mississippi; graduate of the United States Army War College. He is also the author/coauthor of numerous textbooks and publications on the criminal justice and homeland security systems.

Contact Information:

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Course Description

This is a fifteen-lesson independent study course on the topic of Homeland Security.

This course examines the issues pertaining to the role and mission of the Department of Homeland Security and related agencies, both domestically and internationally. Students will be introduced to various aspects of Homeland Security as outlined in the Office of Homeland Security's publication National Strategy for Homeland Security. Course assignments to include readings and submissions are reflected with each lesson.

Textbook Information:


Introduction to Homeland Security. David McElreath, Chester Quarles, Carl Jensen, and Robert Nations. K&M Publishers, Inc. ISBN #: 978-0-9823658-2-0 2009 Tulsa, OK

It is your responsibility to order your textbook. Online retailers such as,, or usually provide used textbooks at economical prices. Use the ISBN number to make sure you're ordering the exact book required in this syllabus.

Course Objectives:

Objectives include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Examine and gain a better understanding of the background and events leading to the 911 attacks on America.

  • Examine the All-Hazards operation in relation to homeland security

  • Discuss the tactics and weapons of terrorism including WMD.

  • Examine and define some of the security vulnerabilities of the U.S.

  • Learn the principles of risk assessment as applied to antiterrorism.

  • Examine the lessons learned from a simulated terrorist attack and natural disasters

  • Discuss the roles of the military, federal government and local governments in dealing with homeland security and national security policy.

Course Outline:

NOTE: This schedule is tentative and is subject to adjustment as needed solely at instructors discretion. Students are responsible for verifying test dates, assignment due dates and other pertinent information. In the event a student misses a class, he/she is responsible for obtaining notes and assignment information from another student.

This course is composed of fifteen instructional modules:

Lessons & Exams

Assigned Readings

Lesson One

Course Introduction and Chapter 1: History and Concept of Defense of the Homeland

Lesson Two

Chapter 2: The Shock of 9-11 and the Transformation of Homeland Security

Lesson Three

Chapter 3: Globalization and its Impact Upon Homeland Security

Lesson Four

Chapter 4: Defining the Threats and Establishing Strategic Objectives

Lesson Five

Chapter 5: Overview of the Terrorism and Tactics

Course Exam #1

Proctored Test 1

Lesson Six

Chapter 6: Domestic Terrorism and Threat Groups

Lesson Seven

Chapter 7: International Terrorism and Threat Groups

Lesson Eight

Chapter 8: Homeland Security and Preparedness Planning

Lesson Nine

Chapter 9: The Development of the Department of Homeland Security and the Role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Lesson Ten

Chapter 10: Homeland Security: Functions and Operations


Proctored Test 2

Lesson Eleven

Chapter 11: Homeland Security: The Partnerships

Lesson Twelve

Chapter 12: The Role of Intelligence in Homeland Security

Lesson Thirteen

Chapter 13: National Security Policy, the National Security Council, and the United states Department of Defense in Homeland Security

Lesson Fourteen

Chapter 14: Review of the Global Dynamics and Key International Partners in Homeland Security

Lesson Fifteen

Chapter 15: The Future of Homeland Security

Course Exam #2

Proctored FINAL EXAMINATION (Test 3)


90 - 100 % = A
80 - 89 % = B
70 - 79 % = C
60 - 69 % = D
Below 60 % = F

Grading Evaluation

Three Examinations (100 points each)
Lesson Essays (50 points each)

Examination Information
Three examinations will be administered during the course. Each examination will be 100 points each. One hour will be allowed for each examination and a bluebook will be provided for all examinations. Examinations will be returned to the students as quickly as possible. The final examination is the THIRD examination and will not be comprehensive.

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