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Welcome to iStudy!

Before you apply for your course, please take some time to read through this informational section. Each link will highlight an important aspect of iStudy.  Since iStudy coursework differs from traditional collegiate courses, we strongly encourage you to pay attention to the information given.

We want to serve you in all stages of your iStudy experience, from applying to final exam completion. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

What does it mean to be an independent learner?

iStudy is a "distance learning" opportunity that allows you to study outside the confines of a classroom. You will set your own schedule, working on your own time and at your pace. Don't worry, you will have opportunity for feedback with your instructors. The faculty expectations are as high as in a regular class, so be prepared to demonstrate what you learn, not just copy the text.

Because of the flexibility of the courses, iStudy students must motivate themselves to keep up with their studies. Your instructors and the staff members in the iStudy office can help you design a schedule to finish your assignments in a timely manner. We suggest that you begin your course right away and proceed at a regular pace.


To apply to enroll in a course, just access our online iStudy Course Application Form. If you are a UM student, you must have your Academic Dean’s office approve and sign your application. Note: If you are using the online application, iStudy will send it to your academic dean's office electronically.

Deliver your application to our office in one of the following ways:

It will take about one week to process your course application Form. You will be contacted by our officewhen you are enrolled. If you have not heard from us within a week of submitting your form, please contact us.

If you have not yet decided which course you wish to take, please visit our online Course List.

Tuition/Fees/Financial Aid Information

Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration with cash, check, credit card, or money order. UM Students may charge their bursar account.

If you are not a UM student.
While our office does not offer financial aid, you may be eligible for loans, grants or scholarships. Eligibility must be determined by the financial aid office of your home institution prior to registration for an iStudy course.

More information about tuition, fees and financial aid is available on the Costs page. UM students interested in using federal financial aid for these courses should consult with the Office of Financial Aid.


To ensure that you receive the course credit that you expect, we encourage you to speak with an advisor before registering for an iStudy course. Because different schools have varied graduation policies, we cannot be responsible for the courses that you choose.


Textbook information is in your Blackboard class or in the course booklet for a paper-based courese. We recommend ordering your textbooks from,, or any reputable online bookseller. It is critical to match the ISBN number to ensure that you get the correct edition. The books often differ from those used in the traditional version of the class.

Lesson submission

You may submit two lessons per day but no more than four per week. Professors are allowed ten days to grade each lesson. Save a copy of all of your lessons.

Lessons for a Blackboard class are submitted on Blackboard. Lessons for a paper course are submitted by email, mail, fax, or hand delivery.

Withdrawal Procedures

iStudy students are generally permitted a full year (from the date of enrollment) to complete a course and take the final examination (exceptions apply to financial aid students). University of Mississippi students may withdraw from a course prior to the midpoint of his or her enrollment period without penalty as long as the course has not expired. Once the midpoint has been reached, a letter grade must be assigned. Non-UM students may withdraw prior to the course expiration date without penalty. Please note, a student will receive a refund only if she or he officially withdraws within 30 days of enrolling.

More details about withdrawals are available on the Withdrawals page

Drop/Add or Transfers

The fee for a transfer is $75. Transfers are not permitted after two months following the date of enrollment. Visit the Transfers page for more information.

Scheduling Examinations

All iStudy tests are proctored. In Oxford, the Distance Education Testing Lab is available to proctor iStudy exams most Mondays - Fridays. It is located at 374 Kinard, Wing F. You must have an appointment to take a test. To make an appointment, please click here. Outside of Oxford, students can utilize proctors from our approved proctors list at the Proctors for iStudy Students webpage. Additionally, we will approve any testing center from a two or four year university, college, or community college. ProctorU is also an approved proctor.

Final Exams

A proctored final examination is required of all students seeking academic credit for a course. Regardless of your lesson grades, you must pass the final exam in order to pass the course. The exam must be completed on or before the course expiration date.
To request the final exam, you must be enrolled in the course for a minimum of two months (beginning on the date your first lesson was submitted). All lessons must have been submitted and graded by your instructor.

Are you a graduating senior or do you need the grade by a certain date?

To make sure there is plenty of time to grade the exam and return final grades, final examinations should be taken at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline by which you need to receive your grade. Waiting until the last minute can cause major problems and is ill-advised..


Transcripts must be requested through the University of Mississippi Registrar's office. To request that one be sent to you, please call (662) 915-7792 or visit the UM Office of the Registrar page.

Welcome to iStudy

iStudy classes are flexible and self-paced. Our distance learning program allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. Most courses are available online through Blackboard. We also have classes that are paper based. Many are available in both formats. Learn More »

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