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Proctors for iStudy Students

All tests taken by iStudy students must be proctored at an approved testing site. The information below is provided to assist you in locating a suitable proctor.

Students Located in or near Oxford

Students located in the vicinity of Oxford click here to schedule an exam with the Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL). DETL provides approved proctors. Appointments are made using their online scheduling system.

Students near Tupelo, Southaven, Grenada, or Booneville

Students located in the vicinity of Tupelo, Southaven, Grenada, or Booneville, can utilize our regional campus testing centers, whose proctors are approved. Call the campus to schedule an appointment and then include the information on the exam application. Find the online exam application by clicking here.

Online testing

Students wanting to test online may use ProctorU. Please follow the directions carefully to avoid confusion.

In order to use ProctorU students must do 2 things:

1) Set up a University of Mississippi-iStudy account with ProctorU.
This must be done BEFORE sending in iStudy your exam application. The University of Mississippi account used for Ole Miss Online exams will not work for iStudy exams. To test you need an account which specifies iStudy. Detailed directions can be found here. (Insert hyperlink to directions for setting up a ProctorU account- If you already have an account for Ole Miss Online tests, please read the information for Prior Account Holders. (please add hyperlink to:

2) Submit an iStudy exam application.
You must submit an online iStudy exam application in order to take your exam through ProctorU. The exam will not be available for scheduling until iStudy sends your exam to ProctorU. The exam application can be found here.

For more detailed information, go to ProctorU Scheduling Instructions

Students in other locations

Students in other locations may test at one of the Examination Centers listed below. Proctors located on the Testing Sites list (in and outside of Mississippi) may not be current, so you will need to contact them to verify they are still an option before submitting the exam application.

Additional Proctor Options

A suitable proctor is an academic dean, registrar, director of admissions, director of testing or counseling, director of independent study, or professor at a college or university. Private testing centers may be utilized, but elementary or secondary schools are not permitted as testing sites. If the student is located in a town that does not have a two or four year educational institution, the student may use the head librarian at a local public library. ProctorU is also an approved proctor. (see above)

Contacting Your Proctor

Please remember to contact the proctor you select before you submit your exam application to make sure that they are still serving in that capacity and will be able to assist you. Ask them about any testing fees that may be required as well as their procedures for scheduling tests. Students are responsible for paying all proctor fees.

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