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Financial Aid and iStudy: Policies and Procedures

The Office of Financial Aid administers several kinds of federal financial and state. The iStudy Department is not authorized to award any forms of student aid or scholarships. You must be formally admitted to the University of Mississippi to receive aid that is administered by UM. It is also possible to be admitted on a non-degree seeking status, but you would be ineligible for most forms of federal and state aid. If you receive aid administered through an outside organization (i.e. other school, your employer), you will need to pay UM in full, and then settle the amount with that institution.


The Office of Financial Aid determines federal and state aid as it pertains to iStudy enrollment and eligibility. (If you are degree-seeking at another institution while concurrently taking an iStudy course at UM, please check with your institution’s Financial Aid office.) There are restrictions and requirements when iStudy courses are used to qualify for financial aid, including strict completion deadlines. The aid disbursement schedule for federal aid is significantly different.





Students with financial aid are not prohibited from enrolling in full-year iStudy courses at any other time of the year. In general, these courses are not being counted for financial aid purposes – so, the student has the option of paying for the course themselves. If they select this option, they would have the standard enrollment period of up to one calendar year to complete the course, and may purchase one three-month extension of the deadline. Extensions only apply to full-year courses.

Procedures- How to Enroll

  1. Access our online iStudy Course Application Form. Follow the prompts within the application regarding financial aid.
  2. The iStudy office will send your application to the Office of Financial Aid.
  3. Your Academic Dean’s permission is also required. Please follow the application instructions on our website. Our office will send your online application to your Dean’s office electronically for approval. (Liberal Arts and Accountancy students follow alternate instructions.)
  4. Our staff will enroll you in your course(s).
  5. We will then email you the information needed to begin your course(s), followed by a phone call to see if you have any questions, or need further assistance.
  6. Please read and sign the Financial Aid Fact Sheet and Agreement Form and return it to the iStudy office. This form will be included in your course information.

Other Types of Financial Aid

1) Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver (for UM and UMMC)
The Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit applies to iStudy courses.
Instructions for applying for UM F/S may be found here: (pdf attached)
Instructions for applying for UMMC F/S may be found here: (pdf attached)

Please contact HR with any questions. For HR contact information click here: or

2) Child of Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver
  • Apply for admission to UM as an undergraduate here
  • The faculty or staff member fill out the Child of Faculty/Staff form, then send it to Heidi Budney via email, mail, or fax (, phone 662-915-5511, fax 1164 )
  • The student must fill out an iStudy course application on our website
  • Accept the tuition award through your myOleMiss account, after enrollment is completed and your Bursar account has been charged
  • Our classes can be asynchronous with the semester system, so you may enroll at any time. You have a year to complete a course, but it may be completed in as little as two months.
3) Banking Hours for teachers
  • Apply for admission to UM as an undergraduate here
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork for your school district. Have your school district contact Heidi Budney (, phone 662-915-5511, fax 1164)
  • Fill out an iStudy course application on our website
  • Be sure to indicate the name of your school district on the iStudy application
4) AmeriCorps
  • Apply for admission to UM as an undergraduate here
  • Fill out an iStudy course application on our website
  • Contact the AmeriCorps representative Heidi Budney in the Office of Financial Aid. (, phone 662-915-5511)
5) VA Scholarships
  • Apply for admission to UM as an undergraduate here
  • Fill out an iStudy course application on our website
  • Contact Ann Compton in the Registrar’s Office. (, 662-915-7792)
6) State Financial Aid

To this: Sources and conditions of state aid vary. Generally, you must be enrolled in 15 credits, which may include iStudy credits, to satisfy state financial aid requirements. Please contact The Office of Financial Aid for an evaluation of your specific situation. (, 800-891-4596, Office hours are 8 a.m. until 4.30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on university holidays.

7) Prepaid College Tuition Plans

iStudy hours can usually be charged towards prepaid college tuition plans. Questions about prepaid college tuition plans and iStudy courses should be addressed to Linda James in the Office of the Bursar. (, 662-915-7258)


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