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Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

May I use Financial Aid to cover the tuition for my iStudy course?

Yes, federal and state financial aid may be an option for iStudy courses, but you must clear this with the Office of Financial Aid prior to enrollment. There are also several additional requirements:

  1. You must be admitted to The University of Mississippi.
  2. You can only enroll in the course as “semester-based” (fall, spring, summer).
  3. If you select to use this option, you must complete your course within the semester.
  4. If you add a course that puts you at 16 credit hours or above, the cost per class is $955.50 (2016-2017), there are no non-resident fees, and in the case where a student is enrolled full-time already, there would not be additional changes to a financial aid package.
  5. Federal aid can be used towards the cost of semester-based iStudy courses, up to 15 credit hours, but special disbursement rules apply. Importantly, federal financial aid does not disburse until you reach the midpoint of your course lessons. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your specific situation. (, 800-891-4596).
  6. The state aid full-time requirement is 15 credit hours and iStudy courses can be used towards that full-time enrollment level. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your specific situation. (, 800-891-4596).

What is the procedure for signing up for an iStudy course if I want to use those credits to count towards my enrollment level for financial aid purposes?

Apply online by clicking here. Or visit this page to download paper application.

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