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Washington D.C. Internship Experience

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In today's global marketplace, employers can choose the most gifted candidates from anywhere on earth, and even graduate degrees no longer guarantee prime positions. One old adage stills seems to hold true: "You can't get a job without experience, but you won't gain experience until you have a job."

About the Program

The Washington Internship Experience – a combination of work and study – coordinates a cohort of University of Mississippi students each spring and summer to gain professional experience in their field of study.  Students search for an internship that meets their career goals, but that also fits with their academic and workplace experience.  Washington, DC is a vibrant, international city that offers students in all majors exceptional internship opportunities. Local and federal government, international relations, journalism and media, law, engineering, public relations, business, hospitality management, the arts, criminal justice, and the sciences are just a few of the areas of interest in which students can find internships.

According to American Public Media’s Marketplace, internships have become the new job requirement (Marketplace segment).  This conclusion was based on a study conducted by Marketplace and the Chronicle of Higher Education in late-2012, which revealed that while employers value higher education, they also want students to have critical thinking skills, oral and written communication skills, and the ability to manage multiple priorities.  Students can acquire and fine-tune these skills both in the classroom and the workplace, and participation in the Washington Internship Experience will enhance that process.

Who should apply for WIE?

Students who…

  • are degree-seeking University of Mississippi students interested in expanding their marketability upon graduation.
  • have a strong resume highlighting academic excellence and work experience.
  • are knowledgeable and articulate about their major, internship goals, and career interests.
  • have volunteer experience, leadership skills, and self-motivation.
  • are mature, reliable, and have a strong work ethic.
  • want to experience a professional environment and begin to build a professional network.
  • want to serve as an ambassador for the University and the State of Mississippi.
  • have a sense of adventure and don’t mind getting outside of their comfort zone.
  • can succeed in the competitive internship environment in Washington, DC.


Students work to secure their own internships in Washington, with assistance from WIE’s program director, the UM Career Center, and UM alumni contacts in DC.

Additionally, students should make use of online internship search engines.  Below are some that students have found useful:

Academic Component

WIE participants must receive academic credit for their internship.

Spring: Students participating during the spring semester are required to carry 12 hours to maintain full-time status. These 12 hours will include 3 to 6 hours of work connected with an internship, and 6 hours of Ole Miss Online or iStudy courses.

Summer: Students participating during the summer term can earn between 3 and 9 credits, which includes 3 hours of internship credit and 3 to 6 hours of Ole Miss Online or iStudy courses, if they wish to complete additional course work.

Below is a list of internship courses from the University of Mississippi academic catalog.* If an internship for your major is not on the list below, you may be able to receive academic credit via an independent or self-directed study course in your department. Some internship courses have pre-requisites or other requirements that might impact whether you can earn credit for the Washington Internship Experience. Contact your academic advisor to find out about your department’s internship credit policies.

ISS 490 Internship in Intelligence & Security Studies
AH 308 Art History Internship
ART 410         Art Internship
CHEM 459     Forensic Science Internship
CINE 397        Internship in Cinema
CSCI 495        Undergraduate Computer Science Internship
CSCI 595        Graduate Computer Science Internship
ECON 389      Internship (Economics)
ENGL 300      Internship in English
ENVS 385       Environmental Studies Internship        
FIN 445         Internship in Insurance & Risk Management
G ST 497      Internship in Gender Studies
HP 627          Internship in Health Promotion
ES 493              Internship (Exercise Science)
ES 610      Internship in Exercise Science
IMC 395  IMC Internship I
IMC 495 IMC Internship II
INST 385 Internship in International Studies
JOUR 395 Journalism Internship
JOUR 495 Journalism Practicum
CJ 490     Criminal Justice Internship
LA 495    Internship (Legal Studies)
NHM 481   Merchandising Internship
NHM  484       Internship in Hospitality
POL 389     Internship In Government
PSY 401     Undergraduate Internship in Psychology
PPL 499   Internship (Public Policy Leadership)
RA 401   Internship in Recreation Management
RA 627 Internship (Recreation Management)
REL 380   Community-Based Internship
S ST 603  Internship (Southern Studies)
TC 330   Internship in Telecommunications
WWIRR 499 Internship (William Winter Institute on Racial Reconciliation)

*Inclusion on this list does not guarantee that the course can be used for academic credit in the Washington Internship Experience program.  Confirm all requirements with your academic advisor.


Students live in apartments at The Congressional at 215 Constitution Avenue, NE, which is located across from the U.S. Supreme Court and other historic buildings on the Senate side of Capitol Hill. The Congressional is intern housing affiliated with Washington Internship Student Housing (WISH).


WIE Program Dates:
Spring (January 2 - April 29)
Summer (May 27 - August 12)

Application Deadline: November 11, 2016

Scholarship Application Deadline: November 11, 2016

Participation Packet Deadline (if accepted):
Spring, December 1, 2016
Summer, January 25, 2017


Application fee:
The WIE application fee is $50 and will be charged to your bursar account.  This fee is not refundable. 

  WIE Fee
Spring 2017 $4,895.00
$3,822.00 for Mississippi residents (full-time enrollment)
$10,956.00 for non-residents (full-time enrollment)
Summer 2017 $4,695.00
$955.50 for Mississippi residents (3 credits)
$1,911.00 for non-residents (3 credits)

The WIE Fee covers pre-departure activities, orientation furnished housing in DC, WIE group activities during “welcome week,” farewell dinner, and WIE administrative fee.  Not included in the WIE fee are tuition, travel to/from DC, daily meals, ground transportation, textbooks, and personal spending money.  If students elect to take additional coursework through Ole Miss Online or iStudy, they are responsible for additional tuition costs.

Students with a FAFSA on file can apply for a limited number of WIE scholarships.

Financial aid questions?

Dana Requet
Financial Aid Office
(662) 915-5546

WIE Contact Information

Kristina Philips

Kristina Phillips, Coordinator
103 Yerby Conference Center
P.O. Box 1848
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
Phone: (662) 915-2746
Fax: (662) 915-5138

Laura Antonow

Laura Antonow
104 Yerby Conference Center
P.O. Box 1848
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
Phone: (662) 915-6511
Fax: (662) 915-5138

WIE Forms (download .pdf)