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0.5 Carnegie Unit 

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Hi all!

My name is Rebecca Fava. I have taught for 8 years, and currently teach several Social Studies and English courses for HS.

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin, my law degree from Ole Miss, and my MA in History from the University of Memphis.

My husband and I, along with our dog, live in the Memphis area. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at rtfava@olemiss.edu.

As this is an online course, it is very important that you check your Ole Miss email. That is how I will communicate with you! Thanks!

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Course Description

Introduction to World Geography is designed to provide students with the skills to ask geographical questions, acquire geographical information, arrange geographical information, analyze geographical information, and answer geographical questions.

Students will master these skills by studying the six essential elements of geographical content:

  1. the world in spatial terms
  2. places and regions
  3. physical systems
  4. human systems
  5. environment and society
  6. the uses of geography

The course of study will address the skills and elements by examining Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Middle America, North America, and South America. Skill development will include, but is not limited to, the interpretation and application of maps, graphs, charts, political cartoons, primary documents, and other social studies tools.

Textbook Information:

Required Textbook:

Sager, Robert J., and David M. Helgreen. World Geography Today. Austin, Texas: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 2003. Print.
ISBN# 9780030646829

It is the student's responsibility to order his or her textbook. Online textbook retailers such as Amazon.com, ABEbooks.com, or Half.com usually provide used textbooks at economical prices.

You must make sure you are ordering the exact book required in this syllabus.

Course Objectives:

Click this Course Standards link for a full list of the standards covered in this course.

Course Outline:

Units Chapters Readings Assignments
1 1 Chapter 1 Self Check, Social Studies Tools Evaluation, and Ch 1 Evaluation
2 Chapter 2 Self Check, SST Evaluation, and Ch 2 Evaluation
3 Chapter 3 Self Check, SST Evaluation, and Ch 3 Evaluation
4 Chapter 4 Self Check, SST Evaluation, and Ch 4 Evaluation
5 Chapter 5 Self Check, Ch 5 Evaluation
6 Chapter 6 Self Check, Ch 6 Evaluation, and Unit 1 Assignment
2 7 Chapter 7 Self Check, Ch 7 Evaluation
8 Chapter 8 Self Check, Ch 8 Evaluation, Unit 2 Assignment
9 Chapter 9 Self Check, Ch 9 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Progress Exam 1
3 10 Chapter 10 Self Check, Ch 10 Evaluation, SST Evaluation
11 Chapter 11 Self Check, Ch 11 Evaluation
12 Chapter 12 Self Check, Ch 12 Evaluation, Unit 3 Assignment
4 13 Chapter 13 Self Check, Ch 13 Evaluation
14 Chapter 14 Self Check, Ch 14 Evaluation, SST Evaluation
15 Chapter 15 Self Check, Ch 15 Evaluation
16 Chapter 16 Self Check, Ch 16 Evaluation, Unit 4 Assignment, Progress Exam 2
5 17 Chapter 17 Self Check, Ch 17 Evaluation
18 Chapter 18 Self Check, Ch 18 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 5 Assignment
6 19 Chapter 19 Self Check, Ch 19 Evaluation
20 Chapter 20 Self Check, Ch 20 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 6 Assignment
7 21 Chapter 21 Self Check, Ch 21 Evaluation
22 Chapter 22 Self Check, Ch 22 Evaluation
23 Chapter 23 Self Check, Ch 23 Evaluation
24 Chapter 24 Self Check, Ch 24 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 7 Assignment, Progress Exam 3
8 25 Chapter 25 Self Check, Ch 25 Evaluation
26 Chapter 26 Self Check, Ch 26 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 8 Assignment
9 27 Chapter 27 Self Check, Ch 27 Evaluation
28 Chapter 28 Self Check, Ch 28 Evaluation
29 Chapter 29 Self Check, Ch 29 Evaluation
30 Chapter 30 Self Check, Ch 30 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 9 Assignment
10 31 Chapter 31 Self Check, Ch 31 Evaluation
32 Chapter 32 Self Check, Ch 32 Evaluation, SST Evaluation, Unit 10 Assignment, Progress Exam 4



93 - 100% = A
85 - 92% = B
75 - 84% = C
70 - 74% = D
Below 69% = F


The grading format is as follows:

Self Checks 5%
Social Studies Tools Evaluation 15%
Unit Assignments 20%
Chapter Evaluations 25%
Exams 35%

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