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HS Spanish 2

1.0 Carnegie Unit 

Instructor: Janice Martin

Contact Information:

If you have questions concerning the content of the course, you may contact the instructor directly using the email link in the "Communications & Tools" tab. NOTE: Whenever sending an email, please be sure to indicate your Course title and number in the subject line (ie, AP Art History).

For lesson or test administration issues, please contact the HS department:

The University of Mississippi High School
P. O. Box 7959
University, MS 38677-0729

Phone: 662-915-1296
Fax: (662) 915-5138

Course Description:

Spanish II is an introductory Spanish course, intended to fulfill the same objectives as the course presented in the classroom, which is the development of skills in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Spanish. Spanish II is the continuation of Spanish I and is followed by Spanish III in which these goals are furthered through continued study of the language.

Required Textbook:

No additional materials are required; however, a Spanish/English Dictionary is recommended.

Course Objectives include (but are not limited to):

  • developing Spanish speaking skills
  • understanding, reading, and writing Spanish

Course Outline:

This course consists of 8 units.

LESSON Reading Assignments
Due for Grades


Review: Accents, Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs


Future Tense, Conditional Mood, Internet Field Trip
Tense Practices, Writing Assignments


Ayer, Hoy y MaÒana

Past Participal, Present Perfect, Pluperfect, Future Perfect, Conditional Perfect

Tense Practices

Exam 1

Units 2 through 3

Proctored Test

Quiz·s, Quiz·s Subjunctive Tense

Subjunctive Practice


Espero Que...

Verbs of Volition, Impersonal Expressions



El Hombre Que...

Relative Pronouns, Adjective Clauses, Internet Field Trip

Practices, Writing Assignment

Exam 2 Units 4 though 6
Proctored test


Mientras Que... Subjunctive Imperfect, Time Sequence, Adverb Clauses




"If" Clauses


Exam 3 Units 7 through 8

Proctored Test

Grading Scale:

93 - 100% = A
85 - 92% = B
75 - 84% = C
70 - 74% = D
Below 69% = F

The grading format is as follows:

Self Checks = 20%
Internet Field Trips = 20%
Unit tests = 60%