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HS MS Writers, v1

.5 Carnegie Unit 

Instructor: Margaret Taylor

Instructor Photo

Instructor Information:

I am very excited to be teaching this course through UMHS! I am a graduate of Mississippi College where I majored in Elementary Education and received endorsements in History and English.

I received my master's at Ole Miss in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Reading/Language Arts.

Contact me:,Email through Blackboard ( or call UMHS Office: 662-915-1296

Contact Information:

If you have questions concerning the content of the course, you may contact the instructor directly using the email link in the "Communications & Tools" tab. NOTE: Whenever sending an email, please be sure to indicate your Course title and number in the subject line (ie, AP Art History).

For lesson or test administration issues, please contact the HS department:

The University of Mississippi High School
P. O. Box 7959
University, MS 38677-0729

Phone: 662-915-1296
Fax: (662) 915-5138

Course Description:

The Mississippi Writers course focuses on the stateís rich literary heritage through the study of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama.

This one-semester elective course identifies and analyzes major influences and themes of the twentieth century and contemporary Mississippi writing. You will analyze literature and evaluate literature effectiveness to express central issues and influences unique to Mississippi.

We will explore the depths of Faulknerís mind, study Weltyís detail and memory, and investigate the crazy complexities of Williamsís characters. This course will conclude with a creative journal activity, studying historical markers around Mississippi.


Required Textbook:

Abbott, Dorothy. Mississippi Writers: An Anthology. Jackson: University of Mississippi, 1991. Print.

A copy of Tennessee Williamsís A Streetcar Named Desire (any edition)

It is the student's responsibility to order his or her textbook. Online textbook retailers such as,, or usually provide used textbooks at economical prices.

You must make sure you are ordering the exact book required in this syllabus.

Course Outline:

This course consists of 38 instructional modules (or lessons).

Units LESSON Reading Assignments Due for Grades
1 Introduction to Mississippi
History & Characteristics of
Mississippi Literature
  Expectations Essay &
Introduction Quiz
2 Faulkner Introduction
Read "Barn Burning" & Complete
Reading Guide
p. 60-78 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
2 "A Rose for Emily" Pre-Reading
Read "A Rose for Emily" &
Complete Reading Guide
p. 79-88 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
2 Southern Gothic Short Essay   Short Genre Essay
2 Nobel Prize for Literature
Acceptance Speech Pre-Reading
Read Nobel Prize Speech &
Complete Reading Guide
p. 281-282 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
2 "A Christmas Remembered" Pre-Reading
Read "A Christmas Remembered" &
Complete Reading Guide
Showing, Not Telling PPT
p. 369-375 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
Unit 2 Exam Faulkner Test [Proctored]   Test [Proctored]
3 Eudora Welty Introduction
Read "Why I Live at the P.O." &
Complete Reading Guide
p. 227-239 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
3 "A Worn Path" Pre-Reading
Read "A Worn Path" [handout] &
Complete Reading Guide
Handout Provided Pre-Reading Questions, Reading Guide, & Bio-poem
3 "Why I Live at the P.O." & "A Worn
Path" Comparison
  Short Comparison Essay
3 "A Sweet Devouring" Pre-Reading
Read "A Sweet Devouring" & Complete Reading Guide
p. 376-381 Reading Guide
3 "The Little Store" Pre-Reading
Read "The Little Store" & Complete Reading Guide
p. 382-389 Reading Guide
Unit 3 Exam Eudora Welty Test [Proctored]   Test [Proctored]
4 Tennessee Williams Introduction
Video & Timeline
  Video Quiz
4 This Property is Condemned Pre-Reading
Read This Property is Condemned & Complete Reading Guide
This Property is Condemned Quiz
p. 486-495 Pre-Reading Questions, Reading Guide, & Quiz
4 A Streetcar Named Desire Pre-Reading
Streetcar Setting: The Old South Activity
Streetcar Context PPT & Notes
Streetcar Vocabulary Activity 1
  Pre-Reading, Setting Activity, & Vocabulary
4 "On a Streetcar Named Success"
Essay & Activity
Read Streetcar Scene 1 & Complete Questions/Exposition Activity
Essay Handout Provided
Scene 1
(your edition of Streetcar)
"Streetcar" Essay Questions, Scene 1 Questions, & Exposition
4 Read Streetcar Scene 2-3 & Complete Questions, Irony, & Allusion Activity Scene 2-3
(your edition of Streetcar)
Streetcar Questions, Irony, & Allusion Activity
4 Streetcar Vocabulary Activity 2
Read Streetcar Scene 4 & Complete Questions, & Journal
Take Streetcar Scene 1-4/Vocab. 1-3 Quiz
Scene 4
(your edition of Streetcar)
Vocabulary, Questions, Journal, Scene 1-4 Quiz
4 Read Streetcar Scenes 5-6 & Complete Questions & Symbolism Activity Scene 5-6
(your edition of Streetcar)
4 Streetcar Vocabulary Activity 3
Read Streetcar Scenes 7-8 & Complete Questions & Simile Activity
Scene 7-8
(your edition of Streetcar)
Vocabulary, Questions, & Simile Activity
4 Read "The Ways We Lie" Essay & Complete Questions
Take Streetcar Scene 5-8/Vocab. 4-6 Quiz
Essay Handout Provided Essay Questions & Scene 5-8 Quiz
4 Read Streetcar Scenes 9-10 & Complete Questions, Social Commentary Activity Scene 9-10
(your edition of Streetcar)
Questions, Social Commentary Activity
4 Read Streetcar Scene 11 & Complete Questions & Character Analysis & Playbill
Take Streetcar Scenes 9-11/Vocab. 7-11 Quiz
Scene 11
(your edition of Streetcar)
Questions, Character Analysis, Playbill, & Scene 9-11 Quiz
4 Streetcar Critical Lens Essay   Essay
5 Margaret Walker Introduction
Read "For My People" & Complete
Reading Guide
p. 468-469 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
5 Margaret Walker Poem Comparison Handout Provided Short Comparison Essay
5 Read "Growing Out of Shadow" &
Complete Reading Guide
p. 362-368 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
5 Richard Wright Introduction
Read "Almost a Man" & Complete
Reading Guide
p. 240-252 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
5 Black Boy Pre-Reading
Read Black Boy & Complete Reading Guide
p. 390-408 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
Unit 5 Exam Walker & Wright Test [Proctored]   Test [Proctored]
6 James Street Introduction
Read "Weep No More, My Lady" & Complete Reading Guide
p. 168-183 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
6 Anne Moody Introduction
Read Coming of Age in Mississippi & Complete Reading Guide
p. 312-331 Pre-Reading Questions & Reading Guide
6 Mildred Taylor Introduction
Read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry & Complete Reading Guide
Taylor Acceptance Speech & Questions
p. 184-202
Speech Handout Provided
Webquest, Pre-Reading Questions, Reading Guide, & Speech Questions
Unit 6 Exam Street, Moody, & Taylor Test [Proctored]   Test [Proctored]
  MS Historical Markers Creative
Journal Assignment
  Creative Journal Assignment
Final Exam MS Writers Final Exam   Final Exam

Grading Scale:

93 - 100% = A
85 - 92% = B
75 - 84% = C
70 - 74% = D
Below 69% = F

The grading format is as follows:

Tests 30%
Quizzes 10%
Reading Guides & Activities 20%
Essays 15%
Creative Journal 10%
Final Exam 15%