HS Computer Applications, v2


0.5 Carnegie Unit 

Instructor Information:


Instructor: Roxanne Wright

Instructor Information:
I am a high school Business and Technology teacher at Oxford High School located in Oxford, Mississippi. I have a AAA teaching license issued by the Mississippi Department of Education.

I have been teaching for approximately 9 years and love every moment. I am currently a doctoral student pursing a PhD in Educational Technology.

I believe there are important learning moments for every student; every student is successful in their own unique way. Therefore, strive and be persistent and success is awaiting you.

Miss Wright

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The University of Mississippi High School
P. O. Box 7959
University, MS 38677-0729

Phone: 662-915-1296
Fax: (662) 915-5138
E-mail: UMHS@olemiss.edu

Course Description

Computer Applications is designed to provide each student with essential introductory skills and knowledge necessary to use computer hardware and software in daily life and occupational tasks. The student will learn to use computer hardware and software to improve and enhance other curriculum areas. Emphasis is placed on common applications, including word processing, database management, spreadsheet, and presentation software as well as Web design.

Textbook Information:

Required Textbook:

Microsoft Office 2007: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Windows Vista Edition, 1st Edition

Student Text:
ISBN-10 1423927133
ISBN-13 9781423927136

You will also need the following to be successful in the course:

  • Microsoft Office 2007-Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Access
  • Internet Access

It is the student's responsibility to order his or her textbook. Online textbook retailers such as Amazon.com, ABEbooks.com, or Half.com usually provide used textbooks at economical prices.

You must make sure you are ordering the exact book required in this syllabus.

Course Objectives:

Objectives include (but are not limited to):

1. Review basic operating skills for using computers.

2. Develop basic skills associated with word processing applications.

3. Develop basic skills associated with database management applications.

4. Develop basic skills associated with spreadsheet applications.

5. Develop basic skills associated with presentation applications.

Course Outline:

Module Name

Reading Assignment

Module Activities

Unit 1: Computer Basics

Module 1:

Introduction to Computers


A1-M1: Case Study 1

A2-M1: Case Study 2

Review Materials

Module Quiz

Module 2:

How to Purchase a Personal Computer


A1-M2: Case Study

A2-M2: Case Study

Review Materials

Final Project Assignment:

Business Proposal (20 Points)

Unit 2: Microsoft Word

Module 3:

Creating and Editing a Word Document

Word Chapter 1

A1-M3: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M3: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M3: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M3: Make It Right

A5-M3: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M3: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 4:

Creating a Research Paper

Word Chapter 2

A1-M4: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M4: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M4: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M4: Make It Right

A5-M4: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M4: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 5:

Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume

Word Chapter 3

A1-M5: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M5: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M5: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M5: Make It Right

A5-M5: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M5: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, & Brochure (75 Points)

Unit 3: Microsoft Excel

Module 6:

Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart

Excel Chapter 1

A1-M6: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M6: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M6: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M6: Make It Right

A5-M6: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M6: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 7:

Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries

Excel Chapter 2

A1-M7: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M7: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M7: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M7: Make It Right

A5-M7: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M7: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 8

What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets

Excel Chapter 3

A1-M8: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M8: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M8: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M8: Make It Right

A5-M8: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M8: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) Operating Budget (50 Points)

Unit 4: Microsoft Access

Module 9:

Creating and Using a Database

Access Chapter 1

A1-M9: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M9: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M9: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M9: Make It Right

A5-M9: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M9: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 10:

Querying a Database

Access Chapter 2

A1-M10: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M10: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M10: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M10: Make It Right

A5-M10: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M10: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 11:

Maintaining a Database

Access Chapter 3

A1-M11: Submit Chapter Project

A2- M11: Apply Your Knowledge

A3- M11: Extend Your Knowledge

A4- M11: Make It Right

A5- M11: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M11: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) Access Database (25 Points)

Unit 5: Microsoft PowerPoint

Module 12:

Creating and Editing a Presentation

PowerPoint Chapter 1

A1-M12: Submit Chapter Project

A2- M12: Apply Your Knowledge

A3- M12: Extend Your Knowledge

A4- M12: Make It Right

A5- M12: In the Lab #1-3

A6- M12: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Module 13:

Creating a Presentation with Illustrations and Shapes

PowerPoint Chapter 2

A1-M13: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M13: Apply Your Knowledge

A3-M13: Extend Your Knowledge

A4-M13: Make It Right

A5-M13: In the Lab #1-3

A6-M13: Cases and Places

Module Quiz

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) MLA 2-Page Report (50 Points)

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) PowerPoint Presentation (50 Points)

Unit 6: Web Design

Module 14:

Creating Web Pages Using PowerPoint

Creating Web Pages Using PowerPoint

A1-M14: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M14: In the Lab #1-3

Module Quiz

Module 15:

Creating Web Pages Using PowerPoint

Creating a Web Page Using Word

A1-M15: Submit Chapter Project

A2-M15: In the Lab #1-2

Module Quiz

Planning Your Website PowerPoint

Read this PowerPoint to help you develop a GREAT website for your business.

Final Project Assignment:

(FP) Advertising Website (80 Points)



93 - 100% = A
85 - 92% = B
75 - 84% = C
70 - 74% = D
Below 69% = F


Remember, this course covers an entire semester of work. That means that each module in this course equals nearly a week of course work and will require the same time and effort on your part. Do not expect to complete each module in a single study session.

The analysis of grades will consist of an accumulation of student activities to include but not limited to the following items:

  • Labs 20%
  • Assignments 25%
  • Chapter Project/Case Study 25%
  • Quizzes 10%
  • Final Project 20%
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