Problems in American Democracy, v1


0.5 Carnegie Unit 

Instructor Information:


Instructor: Curt Minton

My name is Curt Minton. I am a teacher at Oxford Middle School. For the past 8 years, I have taught sixth grade English but will begin teaching seventh and eighth grade Social Studies (ancient World History and U.S. History from colonization through the beginnings of Reconstruction, respectively).

I graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Political Science. I am lifelong resident of Oxford, and I am married to a seventh grade science teacher. We have three cats and two dogs at home.

In my spare time, I love to read, watch movies, and play golf and video games (huge fan of the Uncharted series). If I wasn't a teacher, I would love to have my own show on the Food Network.

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Course Description

Problems in American Democracy is a one-semester course designed to give you a greater awareness of the problems facing the United States today.

Textbook Information:


Required Textbook:

Animal Farm by George Orwell

All other readings are either linked or provided in the course itself.

It is the student's responsibility to order his or her textbook. Online textbook retailers such as,, or usually provide used textbooks at economical prices.

Course Objectives:

Skill development will include, but is not limited to, the interpretation and application of maps, graphs, charts, political cartoons, primary documents, and other social studies tools.

Click this Course Standards link for a full list of the standards covered in this course.

Course Outline:

This course consists of 6 instructional units.

LESSON Learning Assignments
Due for Grades

Start Here

Syllabus and Orientation folder: complete the syllabus quiz for your lesson folders to appear
Syllabus quiz

Democracy In Action

Animal Farm by George Orwell, lesson videos, powerpoints, and notes
Quizzes, written assignments, test

Unit 1 Exam

Proctored exam covering the US Government and the Constitution
Proctored test to be scheduled and completed before progressing
Changing Geography Lesson video, powerpoints, and article
Quiz, written assignments
Rights Lesson video, powerpoints, and timelines
Written assignment, photo essay, quizzes
Economy Lesson video, powerpoints, and timelines
Written assignments, quiz
Technology Lesson video, powerpoints, and timeline
Written assignments, quiz
Social Studies Tools Lesson powerpoint and timeline
Written assignment, quiz

Unit 6 Exam

Proctored exam covering Unit 6
Proctored test to be scheduled and completed before progressing

Final Exam

This exam covers the whole course. NOTE: Be sure to complete ALL unfinished assignments before you take this test! Any assignments not completed before the final is taken will receive a grade of zero.
Proctored test to be completed before a final grade can be issued.



93 - 100% = A
85 - 92% = B
75 - 84% = C
70 - 74% = D
Below 69% = F


The grading format is as follows:

Quizzes 25%
Written Assignments/Projects 30%
Proctored Tests and Assignments Labeled Exam Grade 20%
Final Exam 25%

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