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Important Information For Dual Credit Students

Welcome to The University of Mississippi! We are glad you are taking a class for credit at the university and at your high school. This should be an exciting experience for you. While you take college level classes, you will likely have many questions. Please read below to find links to important policies and web pages of benefit to you.

Please remember this is not a high school class. Your professor will treat you as a regular student, capable of completing collegiate level work. If you find yourself struggling or falling behind, please contact your professor for help as soon as possible.

Class Attendance and Conduct

Students are subject to the same attendance and behavior policies required of all enrolled students. Each individual professor will determine their course's attendance and other in-class policies. Disciplinary matters will follow procedures outlined in the University's Handbook of Standards and Activities (M Book).


Students may view grades using your account. If you are receiving high school credit your school may require an official transcript as record of your grade and credit hours. The University typically does not release grades to parents. Please be aware that your grade does go on your permanent academic transcript. A University of Mississippi transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment in UM, including all undergraduate and graduate courses.

Withdrawal Procedure

A Dual Credit student wishing to withdraw from a course must have written permission from his/her high school to withdraw. That permission should be sent to the Dual Credit office. A student withdrawing from a course is subject to the same rules as any other University student and must meet deadlines for refunds as published in the University calendar.

Official UM Transcripts

Requests for official transcripts can be made through your myOleMiss portal, in person, by mail, by fax, or by a 3rd party.

  • If you are a current or recently enrolled student with an active WebID, please follow this link:
  • If your WebID is no longer active, The University of Mississippi has authorized SCRIP-SAFE International to provide our transcript ordering system via the Web. You can order transcripts using a Visa or MasterCard any time of the day or week. Your credit card will be charged at the time of your order. Place a transcript order here:
  • If coming in person, the requester will be required to provide a photo ID, $7.00 per transcript and complete a form in our office.
  • Students requesting a transcript by mail or fax should download the transcript request form Transcript Request Form (PDF), complete, sign, and mail or fax the form to the address provided.
  • If a 3rd party will be picking up your transcript, he/she must have your written permission to request a transcript.
  • Fees can be paid by check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). If paying by credit card, please provide the card number, expiration date, and the name of the card holder.


If you will be driving to campus and parking for class, please register your vehicle each semester with the parking services department.

ID center

A student identification card is recommended, not required.

How to pay your bill

The university Bursar will bill you one time at the beginning of the semester. A copy of your monthly statement will be sent to your home. In addition, your account statement is available through the following website.

How to Access online services

All online services at Ole Miss utilize a WebId system. Please follow the link for very important information regarding your Ole Miss email and Blackboard accounts.

REMEMBER: Check your UM e-mail daily for updates from the University of Mississippi, including your professors and the Dual Credit office.

Accepting Scholarships

Students will need accept their scholarship award(s) upon availability. To accept the award(s):

  • Log onto using your UM webID credentials.
  • Under the "Financial Aid" section, click "Award Notfication."
  • Choose the appropriate period and undergraduate year. (If enrolled for the summer term, please select the previous academic year - Summer 2017 = 2016-2017 year)
  • Follow and complete ALL of the prompts for each page to the end.

Paying Tuition and Fees

Students will need to pay their Bursar bill after accepting scholarships. To pay the Bursar bill:

  • Log onto using your UM webID credentials.
  • Under the "Financials" section, click "View/Pay Account."
  • Follow the prompts.