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Frequently Asked Questions

Dual credit is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. College credits earned through dual credit can be applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities. Dual credit students are non-degree-seeking students, which means that they can earn credit without declaring a major.

Yes. Because The University of Mississippi meets SACS accreditation guidelines, the credit hours will transfer to most institutions, both public and private, in and out of state. University instructors teach all courses.

No. You do not have to attend The University of Mississippi as a freshman. Your dual credit classes go on your permanent academic transcript in every term that you take a course. If you plan to take this credit with you to other institutions, you will simply need to order a transcript and have it sent to the receiving institution of your choice. We recommend that you check with any potential receiving institution to see how they will receive your UM course credit.

Students may apply anytime from the spring of the 10th grade through the fall of the 12th grade providing that they meet the IHL requirements for early admission. Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on all high school courses and successful completion of 14 core high school units and/or junior status and written recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor OR minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on all high school courses and a minimum composite ACT score of 30 or the equivalent SAT score and written recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor. There are university deadlines for registration and enrollment. Please check with the Dual Credit office about those dates.

No, you will only submit an ACT score if you do not have the earned 14 Carnegie units. In order to be admitted to The University of Mississippi under the early admission policy, you must submit a transcript reflecting a 3.0 or higher GPA, your high school transcript and/or your ACT scores, and the online application.

Answer "Yes" or "No" to the following questions to help you determine if you are a strong candidate for dual credit.

  • Do you manage daily tasks and commitments well?
  • Can you prioritize your personal schedule?
  • Do you have the time (8-12 hours per week per course) to commit to a university course?
  • Are you able to take a large assignment and break it into manageable sections for completion?
  • Do you study materials ahead of deadlines and stay on top of your preparation for quizzes and tests?
  • Do you communicate effectively in writing?
  • Are you motivated to be in charge of your own learning?
  • Do you use a personal computer, the Internet and technology effectively to access information and communicate?
  • Do you have good study habits?

How did you do? If you answered "yes" to most of the questions, then you are probably ready for the challenge of dual credit.

Rigorous study prepares you for college-level academics and may include Advanced Placement classes, dual enrollment or other academic opportunities. We strongly encourage students to take the most rigorous course of study available at their high school of record. Take advantage of your high school advanced diploma opportunities and use dual credit as another option for advanced college preparedness.

Every student is different. Before you request a dual credit course, you should take the time to review your high school commitments for the upcoming term. We recognize that our students already lead rich, fulfilling lives outside of school. Because you will need to set aside an appropriate amount of time for your university coursework each week, choose an university course of study that will enhance your high school experience and balance with your other obligations.

General Education courses are courses that every bachelors-level degree-seeking student must complete regardless of the degree sought. You may also hear general education referred to as "core curriculum."

Some college majors may require specific general education courses. For example, a student who wishes to major in Nursing would only receive credit toward the Nursing degree for taking a "Biology for majors" Biology course. If you know what college major you would like to pursue, be sure to let the Dual Credit office know so they can advise you properly, and also check the UM course catalog to confirm the general education requirements for your intended major.

A credit hour is an academic unit of credit. Every college major requires a student to have a set number of credit hours in order to graduate, so the credit hours earned through dual credit are intended to "count" toward the total credit hours required in whatever degree-seeking program a dual credit student later enters.

In classroom-based college learning, courses that meet for 3 hours per week (such as many English, History, Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, etc.) earn 3 credit hours, while courses that meet for 3 hours per week and also have required lab time (such as Natural Sciences and Foreign Languages) earn 4 credit hours. Students are expected to spend additional time outside of class for study, reading, and preparation. Likewise, in online learning, students should allow enough time both to access assignments and to do the study, reading and preparation needed to complete the coursework successfully. We recommend that students plan on spending 8-10 hours per week for each online course, on average, with additional time for study and preparation before major exams and projects.

No! Although you may have been accustomed to studying the night before a high school test, you may not be successful by waiting to cram the night before a college test. Plan ahead!

You will be contacted by The University of Mississippi by email and by our Dual Credit office by mail. We will maintain contact with you throughout the application process and will send you information about getting started.

MyOleMiss is a web portal that is your source for official University of Mississippi services and information. MyOleMiss helps you effectively conduct business, receive announcements, and communicate with a variety of departments at UM.

A campus-wide identification number serves as the unique identification number for every student applying to or enrolled at The University of Mississippi. You will use your Web ID to establish your MyOleMiss account, your UM email, check out books from the library, and conduct all official business at UM . Your Web ID number is confidential information and should be guarded as one would guard a Social Security number.

Yes! Dual credit students will take courses with the same requirements and same grading scale as University students. The MBook contains all of the student policies for the university.

Students must complete each course during the designated UM term. That is, fall courses must be finished by the end of the fall semester, Summer I courses by the end of Summer I term, etc. The UM Academic Calendar can be found on the UM Registrar's website.

Please refer to The UM Academic Calendar for specific dates for each term.

At the beginning of the course, your instructor will establish the preferred mode of communication in the syllabus.

UM instructors provide a syllabus and course calendar that lists all deadlines for each course. As with all college work, it is the student's responsibility to keep up with assignments and deadlines.

Each instructor provides you with a syllabus that serves as the official contract between the instructor and student. Review each syllabus carefully for deadline dates. Pay close attention to all course deadlines.

A dual credit student wishing to withdraw from a course must have written permission from his/her high school to withdraw. That permission should be sent to the Division of Outreach. A student withdrawing from a course is subject to the same rules as any other University student and must meet deadlines for refunds as published in the University calendar.

Student textbooks should be ordered online through the UM Bookstore.You will need your course name and section number. If you need assistance, please call the Dual Credit office.

Tuition will vary from year to year. Please check the Bursar's Office website for tuition rates and fees.

Dual Credit students may qualify for a partial tuition scholarship! To find out whether you qualify please call us at 662-915-1296.

Your tuition is charged on your student account. Monthly statements are printed the last day of the month. The due date for the statements is the 15th of the following month. Your monthly account statement also is available through MyOleMiss.

Students in dual credit courses are not eligible for federal financial aid because they have not graduated from high school.

In High School:
UM courses may or may not count toward dual credit or high school credit. Discuss your school's dual credit policy with your high school guidance counselor.

To Colleges:
All courses are transcripted as University of Mississippi bachelor's-level credit and meet SACS accreditation standards; they transfer broadly to many institutions, both public and private, in and out of state. If you are considering transferring your credit to a private or out-of-state college or university, we recommend that you contact the receiving institution to find out exactly how your credit will be received.

A University of Mississippi transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment at UM, including all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses.

Yes. Please be aware that your grade does go on your permanent academic transcript. A University of Mississippi transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment in UM, including all undergraduate courses.

Requests for official transcripts can be made through your myOleMiss portal, in person, by mail, by fax, or by a 3rd party.
• If you are a current or recently enrolled student with an active WebID, please follow this link: • If your WebID is no longer active, The University of Mississippi has authorized SCRIP-SAFE International to provide our transcript ordering system via the Web. You can order transcripts using a Visa or MasterCard any time of the day or week. Your credit card will be charged at the time of your order. Click here to place a transcript order. • If coming in person, the requester will be required to provide a photo ID, $7.00 per transcript and complete a form in our office. • Students requesting a transcript by mail or fax should download the transcript request form Transcript Request Form (PDF), complete, sign, and mail or fax the form to the address provided. • If a 3rd party will be picking up your transcript, he/she must have your written permission to request a transcript.

Fees can be paid by check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). If paying by credit card, please provide the card number, expiration date, and the name of the card holder.

Students may view grades through the myolemiss portal. If you are receiving high school credit, your school may require an official transcript as record of your grade and credit hours. The University typically does not release grades to parents.

It's highly recommended. If you don't have access to a computer with high-speed Internet access at home, try the public library, a local community college, or your high school. You will need to allow plenty of time in your schedule to work on the computer. If you do not have access to high-speed Internet at home, plan accordingly so that you can meet all deadlines listed in the syllabus and posted by your instructor.

After receiving a Web ID, students have access to the J.D. Williams Library on the Oxford campus and the UM Writing Center.

Dual credit students do not pay activity fees and are not eligible for health services or recreation and athletic privileges.