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Community Outreach

Community Outreach programs offer individuals opportunities to share in the resources of the University and community and to participate in a variety of learning experiences. Come as you are! An array of opportunities designed and planned to serve your needs and interests await. . . and the best part? There are no grades or tests!

The Academic Traveler

The Academic Traveler is a non-credit educational travel program offered through the Division of Outreach and The University of Mississippi. We are pleased to present a series of opportunities that meld unique travel experiences and education. UM instructors from a variety of disciplines lead the excursions. Programs may cover literature, art, history, photography and film, and culinary arts in locations such as London, New York, Japan, France, and Tanzania.


Engage your mind. Meet new people. Have some fun! Community enrichment classes offered through the Office of Professional Development and Non-Credit Education will have you swirling around a dance floor, decorating a celebration cake, or mapping your financial future—and that’s just the beginning. Personal enrichment programs are open to anyone in the community, including retirees, Ole Miss students, and family members of all ages. You’re sure to find something captivating and educational here!

Displaced Workers

The University of Mississippi is an approved service-provider for Mississippi Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs that are overseen by local Mississippi WIN (Workforce Investment Network) Job Centers. UM works closely with area WIN Job Centers to help local residents further their education and retrain for future employment after becoming unemployed.

Please check with your local WIN Job Center to see if you are eligible to receive benefits for any of the approved University of Mississippi programs.

ETS Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Center

With the help of Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private educational testing and measurement organization located in Princeton, New Jersey, The University of Mississippi has installed a complete ETS Computer-Based Testing Center that allows students of any age to take ETS-developed tests on the Oxford campus rather than in Tupelo, Memphis, or Jackson

Lifelong Learners

At The University of Mississippi learning never retires, and that is why, if you are 65 years or over, we want to invite you to become one of our very special “senior students.” Through the Lifelong Learners Program you can energize your mind, explore interesting topics, pursue subjects you never had time for earlier, and share your wisdom with our young people. The process is simple and the rewards are great.

Media Production

Media Production provides technical oversight of the videoconferencing and data networks in the Office of Outreach & Continuing Education and media production services for the development and distribution of high quality instructional and informational media programs in support of the public outreach, teaching and research missions of the institution.

Non-Credit Online: Ed2Go

Workforce Development

The Professional and Workforce Development (PWD) programs help working adults acquire new, updated, or complementary skills needed to achieve or maintain proficiency in their current profession, earn noncredit educational certificates, prepare for professional certification examinations, qualify for promotion in their organization, transition into a new career, meet professional continuing education requirements, prepare for graduate entrance examinations, or return to the workforce. We also work with employers to bring many of these programs directly to their staff, either at Ole Miss or at the work site.

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