Conference Timetable


  • Workshop(s) and board meeting
  • Conference registration/check-in
  • Double Decker bus tour of Oxford (free)
  • Keynote speech and reception


  • Breakfast at The Inn
  • Conference registration/check-in
  • Breakout sessions at the JAC
  • Lunch and Awards presentation
  • Breakout sessions
  • Tour of Rowan Oak, William Faulkner’s house (included in registration fee)
  • Dinner at Bouré in the Oxford Square
  • Flying Tuks available for pub hopping, sightseeing (included in registration fee)


  • Breakfast at The Inn
  • Breakout sessions at the JAC
  • Lunch and Silent Auction
  • MS Delta Bus Tour
  • Thacker Mountain Radio show (included in registration fee)

Conference Excursions

Historic Double Decker Bus Guided Tour
Imported from England to Oxford in 1994, the Double Decker buses are icons in the City of Oxford. The tour guides provide a trip through history, visiting points of interest on the University of Mississippi campus and around the City, including William Faulkner historic sites. This is a scheduled tour and the cost is included in the conference fee.

Rowan Oak Tour
Home to William Faulkner and his family for over 40 years, Rowan Oak was originally built in 1844, and stands on over 29 acres of land just south of the Square in Oxford, MS. The property and grounds at Rowan Oak are open year round, from dawn to dusk. This is a scheduled tour and the cost is included in the conference fee.

Post-Conference Blues bus tour to the Delta (Thursday afternoon).
Possible stops include:

  • Highway 61 Crossroads
  • The Delta Blues Museum
  • Ground Zero Blues Club (co-owned by actor Morgan Freeman)

Thacker Mountain Radio Hour
Thacker Mountain Radio is a live radio show featuring weekly author readings and a wide array of musical performances from the Square in Oxford, Mississippi. 6-7 pm Thursday. Free.

Other Activities in Oxford

  • The University of Mississippi Museum
  • Shopping on the Oxford Square
  • Lamar House Museum
  • Saint Peter’s Cemetery (Faulkner’s resting place)

What People are Saying

Former participants have shared their feedback with us. Take a look!

“The location was great and all the pre and post conference activities were engaging and fun. I look forward to becoming an active part of this organization!”

“ADEIL's conference offered plenty of different learning opportunities while still feeling like an intimate gathering - I loved being able to build connections with so many different attendees. I highly recommend the experience!”

“I absolutely loved being on your campus. The people I met and the networking that was accomplished was fantastic. I will plan to attend again.”

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