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Summer and Intersession courses are available in web-based and remote-learning formats. Courses can be viewed on the Course Schedule or MyOleMiss sites.

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Course Schedules

These course schedule pages do not list all courses that are offered. Thesis, dissertation, special topics, special projects, independent study, internships, and other courses are not included. These course schedule pages are designed to assist students in identifying online courses that they may wish to consider taking in the summer. For a complete listing of all courses offered in the summer, please consult the University’s official Course Schedule web site.

Full-time Course Load and Maximum Course Load

Full-time enrollment at the undergraduate level and maximum course load are defined in the chart given below:

Registration Period Full-time Hours Maximum Course Load
Fall 12-18 21
Winter Intersession 3 4
Spring 12-18 21
May 3 4
Full Summer 12 14
First Summer 6 7
Second Summer 6 7
August Intersession 3 4

This definition does not depend on the mode of course delivery or the location of the course. Students are advised not to take more than the maximum course load without a compelling reason and a cumulative GPA four-tenths of a point above 2.0 for each extra hour desired.

**To register for more than the maximum course load, a student must seek permission from his or her dean’s office.

Course Cancellation Policy

Summer School and Intersessions do not receive external funding; therefore, all operating expenses are paid from generated tuition. While all effort is made to avoid course cancellations, when a course’s enrollment is too low to cover the course’s operating cost, it will be cancelled.