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Registration Information

This Registration Information link connects you directly with the Registrar’s website, and contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Summer School program — how to register, priority registration periods, academic advising, etc. If you have questions that are not addressed on this web site, please feel free contact us.

Academic Calendar

The Office of the Registrar Academic Calendar gives you all of the important dates and times for each of the summer terms that you will need to keep in mind as you plan your summer schedule.

Course Schedules

There are five academic terms – the May Intersession, the Full Summer Term, the First Summer Term, the Second Summer Term, and the August Intersession. Each link in the menu will take you to a listing of the regular courses that will be offered on the Oxford campus in the summer of 2015.

*Please note: These course schedule pages do not list all courses that are offered. Thesis, dissertation, special topics, special projects, independent study, internships, and other courses are not included. These course schedule pages are designed simply to assist students in identifying on-campus classroom courses and online courses that they may wish to consider taking in the summer of 2015. For a complete listing of all courses offered in the summer, please consult the University’s official Course Schedule web site.

How much do classes cost in Summer School 2015?

Tuition in the Summer School (both in-state and out-of-state) is charged to students on a "per credit hour basis." Mississippi resident tuition for a three-credit hour course in the summer will be identical to the amount that is charged for a single three-credit hour course this semester. Non-resident tuition, however, will be significantly lower, making Summer School a bargain for out-of-state students. Tuition information for graduate and undergraduate students is indicated below. Students in the School of Law and the School of Pharmacy will need to consult their respective schools or the bursar's office about the rates that apply to them.

Mississippi Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course
Non–Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course

General Information (FAQ)

What is Summer School?

Summer School is composed of five separate terms: One eight-week term (Full Summer Term), two four-week terms (First Summer Term and Second Summer Term) and two even shorter intersession terms (May Intersession and August Intersession). The Summer School program is designed to offer Ole Miss students the opportunity to earn academic credits toward the completion of their degrees during the summer months.

What are the dates of Summer School 2015?

May Intersession – May 11-22, 2015 (10 class days, plus exam on Saturday, May 23, 2015)

Full Summer Term – May 27-July 24, 2015

First Summer Term – May 27-June 24, 2015 (19 class days plus exams)

Second Summer Term – June 29-July 28, 2015 (19 class days plus exams)

August Intersession – August 3-August 14, 2015 (10 class days plus exam on Saturday, August 15, 2015)

How many hours of course work may I take in each term?

There a maximum number of credit hours that a student may take in each summer term. Students may take fewer hours than the maximum number, but may not take more hours. Tuition is charged according to the number of credit hours taken.

May Intersession – maximum of 4 credit hours (most students take 3 hours)

Full Summer Term – maximum of 12 credit hours of course work

First Summer Term – maximum of 7 credit hours of course work

Second Summer Term – maximum of 7 credit hours of course work

August Intersession – maximum of 4 credit hours (most students take 3 hours)

What kind of courses can I take?

On this web site you will find the academic calendar for Summer School 2015, as well as a list of all of the courses that are currently scheduled to be offered in each of the different summer terms. Courses are listed by school and department. Because details about a particular course can and do change between the start of the Priority Registration period and the beginning of the summer, you can find the most current information on courses by consulting the Course Schedule menu on the myOleMiss web site (click here).

How much do Summer School classes cost?

Tuition in the Summer School is charged on the number of credit hours a student takes. Mississippi resident tuition is the same as that of any other comparable course taken during the fall 2014 or spring 2015 semesters. Non-resident tuition, however, is lower than in the fall and spring semesters, which makes Summer School a good buy for out–of–state students.

Mississippi Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course
Non–Residents Undergraduate, 3 credit hour course
Graduate, 3 credit hour course

Is campus housing available during the summer?

Yes. The Department of Student Housing offers rooms throughout the summer for students who are enrolled for Summer School courses. You must apply for each summer term you wish to live in student housing. Sign up begins April 1, 2015 at 9:00 am. For more information on move in/out dates, room rates and frequently asked questions please go to

Below are current dorm rates listed for Summer 2015

Intersessions $370 Single $280 Double
Four Week Terms $650 Single $480 Double

Can summer courses be cancelled?

Every effort is made to avoid cancellations, but sometimes this cannot be avoided. The Summer School does not receive external funding. Operating expenses, including the salaries and fringe benefits paid to instructors, come from the tuition that we receive. If a course's enrollment is so low that there is not enough tuition to cover the course's operating expenses, it will be cancelled. When enrolling in a summer course, students are encouraged to be aware that course cancellations are possible.

Are meal plans available for Summer Sessions?

Yes. There are a variety of meal plans available for the 1st, 2nd and Full Summer terms. Meal plans are not available for the intersessions. However, students will have the option of adding flex to their account. Please go to for more information about how to sign up for a plan and locations that will be open for the summer sessions.

How do I sign up for summer classes?

Currently enrolled students may register for Summer School classes in the same way that they would enroll in fall and spring semester classes, i.e. over the web using their Ole Miss ID and password. Students may begin to enroll during the Priority Registration period that starts Monday, March 23, 2015.

Non-UM students must first apply for admission. Please go to the Office of Admissions website or contact them at 662-915-7226

What if I have more questions?

Summer School 2015 is administered by the Office of Summer, Winter and Online Sessions within the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education. Please contact the director if you have additional questions.


The University of Mississippi Office of Summer School
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-0009
Facsimile: 662-915-5138

April D. Thompson, Director of Summer, Winter and Online Sessions
Phone: (662) 915-2859

Amy M. Saxton
Operations Supervisor of Summer and Online Sessions
Phone: (662) 915-7036